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Piano Lessons

Music lessons are a practical way to enrich the lives of children and adults alike. One does not necessarily need to play an instrument to enjoy music. However, a hands-on approach to music making can bring great enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. It requires time and financial commitments and investments that results in greater concentration, fine motor function, coordination, and other cognitive benefits for the student. And yes, there are many other instruments that provide similar experiences. However, the piano is one of the most comprehensive instruments in terms of music making. It allows for melody and harmony, and provides a range just shy of a full orchestra. When mastered, one can produce beautiful melodies, nuances, and subtleties, as well as great power in its sound.


Being classically trained, I stress music literacy and technique, including note-reading, proper posture and fingering, consistent practice, along with aural skills and theoretical knowledge. It is with this comprehensive approach that I believe the student can completely immerse and understand the music that s/he is playing.


Performances and competitions are encouraged for students to participate in but are not required. These are opportunities for students to share in his/her polished work much like an artist shares his/her completed artwork.

Lessons are open to all interested students. I have experience teaching students ages 5 and older, including adults and seniors. 

Location and Fees
***In-person lessons are available. Online lessons are scheduled as needed or requested.***

Currently, lessons offered are in-home or in-studio. Fees listed are for San Gabriel Valley areas, generally from Glendale/La Canada to Monrovia, Altadena to El Monte.


Within SGV: $80/hr, can be prorated

Outside of SGV: $90/hr (limited areas of LA and Orange Counties)

Tuition can paid via Venmo, Zelle, cash or check. It is non-refundable. Returned checks or late payment will result in penalty fees. Books and supplies are extra, not included in tuition fees. 


Make-up lessons may be possible. They are dependent on schedule availability, and under these circumstances:

1) Lesson canceled with 24-hour notice

2) Teacher cancels lesson

3) Emergencies (cancellations within 24-hrs) with documentation 

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